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Roque Nublo - over to La Costa -Mirador Cruz de Timagada.

Circular walk up Roque Nublo - over to La Costa -Mirador Cruz de Timagada.
Here's a great ride.
Not a complete beginner's route, but if you try your hand at going up and down a bit, then this trip can be recommended.
Route is easy enough to follow.
The pavement on the route is good, but some loose stones, but nothing of major importance.
Great view, lots of nice stones, which in my world all look like something.
This trip is in my top 5 hikes on Gran Canaria.
You can extend the route with a small side jump up to Roque Nublo, but I chose not to do that.
There is an opportunity to get something and eat/drink on the trip in La Culata.
There are several options for parking, depending on where you want to start and where you want to start.
If you want to go for a walk here in the winter months, remember to wear warm clothes, the starting temperature is often around 7 degrees

#grancanariapaa2ben, by Mette Madsen

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