Gran Canaria Event

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria Island

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria Island

Each day at 09.00

Time 6 timer

This is the ultimate jeepure in Gran Canaria. With a professional Dutch, English, German or Spanish guide, who will explain about Gran Canaria's history and the island's geology. The tour takes about 6 hours and fits all ages. At the end of the tour, we will release you at your pickup site. Lunch can be purchased during the tour at one of the restaurants.

Price includes: Island Tour with a jeep (Land Rover) Dutch, English, German, Spanish guides Lunch Optional € 12,- Extra in the restaurant Price from € 60

Booking costs € 5 in reservation cost which we charge in advance Go to the link below and pay € 5. Remember to write your name on the payment.

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